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The Chalre Collection of Asian Ceramics


Click to go to The Chalre Collection of Asian Ceramic ArtThe focus of The Chalre Collection is Chinese and Asian Tradeware Ceramics -- in other words, Ceramics that was traded throughout Asia.  Tradeware Ceramics (Porcelain, Stoneware and Earthenware) tell the story of how the peoples of Asia forged social and commercial ties with each other during ancient times.  Of the many thousands of traded items over the centuries, Ceramics reigns supreme since it is the only one durable enough to have survived into modern times to give us a record of Asia's past. 






Appraisal of Chinese Ceramics


What's It Worth?

Determine the value of your Chinese Porcelain,

Celadon and other Ceramic Art.


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Online Appraisal. 




Unbreakable Investing

In Chinese Ceramics

The Essential Principals of Collecting 

Chinese and Asian Ceramic Art.  





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The Chalre Collection of Asian Ceramics

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