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 Chalre Collection


The focus of The Chalre Collection is Chinese and Asian Tradeware Ceramics -- in other words, Ceramics that were traded throughout Asia.  Tradeware Ceramics (Porcelain, Stoneware and Earthenware) tell the story of how the peoples of Asia forged social and commercial ties with each other during ancient times. 


The Ceramic Art collection of Chalre Associates came about through the efforts of the firm's principals, Rebecca Bustamante and Richard Mills.  It is their intention that a significant portion of The Chalre Collection become property of a museum foundation or other public body in the future. 


In creating the collection, major recognition must be given to Jose (Joe) Yusef Makmak for his considerable support and friendship.  Our thoughts are with Joe, formerly a prominent ceramic antiquities dealer in Philippines, who passed away in 2008.   




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Chalre Associates is a regional provider of Executive Search services in the emerging countries of the Asia Pacific region.  Multinational companies use us to bridge the gap between the local environment and their world-class requirements countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.    


Our purpose is to enhance these organizations by identifying, attracting and developing outstanding people.


Chalre Associates - Executive Search in Asia Pacific - Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam



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Buying Chinese Ceramic Art - How to Collect

 Ceramic Art Investment



Investment Concepts of 

Asian Ceramic Art

Ceramics such as Porcelain, Stoneware and Earthenware produced in China and other Asian countries are a unique category of art with unique investment characteristics. 
Concept 1:

It should never be misunderstood that art is a long-term investment. Given its low trading volume and high transaction costs, art needs to be held for a considerable length of time before suitable returns can be realized. 

Concept 2:
Buy Low, Sell High

As with most other forms of art, Ceramics does not provide a regular income stream. Investors anticipate a return from price escalations that are outside financial logic. 

Concept 3:
Costs of Ownership

Art is considered a tax free investment but it has costs of ownership related to insurance and storage (depending on the size of the collection). Storage costs for Ceramics are less than decorative wall pictures (like oil paintings) since they do not require elaborate temperature and humidity control. 

Concept 4:

Most art cannot be bought or sold easily or quickly without suffering tremendous compromises in price. Art markets are thinly traded and sales are usually at auctions on set dates. 

Concept 5:

The nature of ancient Ceramics is different from decorative wall pictures such as oil paintings because the artist is anonymous. Collectors of Chinese Ceramics focus on attributes such as style, period and condition of the works. 


Concept 6:

Reputation of the seller has a strong impact on demand. Buyers are reliant on the opinions of expert buyers to determine whether price is realistic. Market knowledge is a competitive advantage. 

Concept 7:
Enduring Luxury

Various studies have shown conclusively that the demand/supply characteristics of art are similar to that of sophisticated luxury goods.  Art. however, is very different from most luxury goods in one very important regard -- depreciation.  Investment quality art appreciates in value over time.  By comparison, typical luxury goods such as yachts, automobiles, jets and haute couture garments lose value rapidly over time.   

Concept 8:

For people in positions of leadership, owning works of art can be a powerful but understated way of demonstrating a commitment to human achievement. Such displays have been improving peoples success in dealings with others since the dawn of civilization




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