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 Chalre Collection


The focus of The Chalre Collection is Chinese and Asian Tradeware Ceramics -- in other words, Ceramics that were traded throughout Asia.  Tradeware Ceramics (Porcelain, Stoneware and Earthenware) tell the story of how the peoples of Asia forged social and commercial ties with each other during ancient times. 


The Ceramic Art collection of Chalre Associates came about through the efforts of the firm's principals, Rebecca Bustamante and Richard Mills.  It is their intention that a significant portion of The Chalre Collection become property of a museum foundation or other public body in the future. 


In creating the collection, major recognition must be given to Jose (Joe) Yusef Makmak for his considerable support and friendship.  Our thoughts are with Joe, formerly a prominent ceramic antiquities dealer in Philippines, who passed away in 2008.   




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Chalre Associates is a regional provider of Executive Search services in the emerging countries of the Asia Pacific region.  Multinational companies use us to bridge the gap between the local environment and their world-class requirements countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.    


Our purpose is to enhance these organizations by identifying, attracting and developing outstanding people.


Chalre Associates - Executive Search in Asia Pacific - Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam



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Buying Chinese Ceramic Art - How to Collect

 Ceramic Art Investment



Investment Outlook for 

Asian Ceramic Art 

Various factors impact the supply and demand of Chinese and other Asian Ceramics (Porcelain, Stoneware and Earthenware). 

There are 2 main factors affecting demand for Chinese and Asian Ceramic Art. 
1. Popularity
Ancient art does not have seasonal fashion cycles like shoes worn by teenage girls. Nevertheless, certain art styles can become more popular as the result of a celebrity collector or some other reason. 
The re-emergence of China as a global power is said to be of profound importance to the worlds art market in general and Chinese Ceramic Art in particular. The world outside China is suddenly taking interest in the great nation's culture and history and its art like never before (or at least not in recent centuries). The result is increasing demand for Chinese Ceramics by non-Chinese.  
But the largest source of new demand for Chinese Ceramics is from Chinese people themselves.  China has a history of art appreciation that extends through thousands of years.  Chinese collectors are interested to buy ancient works as an expression of their nations remarkable history and rich artistic culture. The impact on demand for Chinese Ceramics is compounded by the simple fact that so little Chinese art is actually inside China.  


The effect of this demand phenomenon is already being felt.  China recently overtook France as the world's 3rd largest art market (behind the US and Britain) according to the Economist magazine.  
2. Economic Prosperity
Art investment is dependent on disposable income. Strong economic growth is necessary if there are to be buyers of art. Gladly, the extraordinary economic success of China seems to be providing the necessary environment for producing lots of buyers. While many countries worry about trade deficits, fiscal shortfalls and other problems, Chinas economy continues to surge ahead. It bodes well for the art market, and especially the Chinese Ceramic Art market, for the foreseeable future. 




As China was the worlds premier producer of Ceramic Art for most of the past thousand years, people are mainly interested in pieces from that glorious period ending about 100 years ago. Therefore, supply such works is said to be static. 
Possible increases in supply could come from ancient shipwrecks that have yet to be recovered, said to be many throughout Southeast Asia. However, the volume of ancient ceramics involved from such salvage operations should not be enough to disrupt the overall market. On the contrary, demand will likely increase to more than meet the extra supply because of enthusiastic media exposure that such discoveries bring. This has been the experience with by archaeological adventurers like Sten Sjostrand.
Authenticity is a growing issue for most luxury goods including Chinese Ceramics. Fakes are disruptive for the ceramics market because they discourage new collectors who usually lack experience with authentication. It is an open question at this time what the overall impact of counterfeits will be on the market.  




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