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 Chalre Collection


The focus of The Chalre Collection is Chinese and Asian Tradeware Ceramics -- in other words, Ceramics that were traded throughout Asia.  Tradeware Ceramics (Porcelain, Stoneware and Earthenware) tell the story of how the peoples of Asia forged social and commercial ties with each other during ancient times. 


The Ceramic Art collection of Chalre Associates came about through the efforts of the firm's principals, Rebecca Bustamante and Richard Mills.  It is their intention that a significant portion of The Chalre Collection become property of a museum foundation or other public body in the future. 


In creating the collection, major recognition must be given to Jose (Joe) Yusef Makmak for his considerable support and friendship.  Our thoughts are with Joe, formerly a prominent ceramic antiquities dealer in Philippines, who passed away in 2008.   




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Chalre Associates is a regional provider of Executive Search services in the emerging countries of the Asia Pacific region.  Multinational companies use us to bridge the gap between the local environment and their world-class requirements countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.    


Our purpose is to enhance these organizations by identifying, attracting and developing outstanding people.


Chalre Associates - Executive Search in Asia Pacific - Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam



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Buying Chinese Ceramic Art - How to Collect

 How to Collect Asian Ceramic Art 



Buy in North America,

but be cautious.

John D Rockefeller Jr collected chinese ceramicsThe United States and Canada are relatively young countries in the great scheme of things.  Neither has a significant history of trade with Asia such as existed between Europe and China.  Most of the Chinese (and other Asian) Ceramics available in North America was originally transported by individual collectors and dealers rather than through large scale trade networks existing over centuries.  Therefore, the overall quantity and quality is said to be less than existing in Asia and Europe.


That said, there is certainly enthusiasm for Chinese and other Asian Ceramic Art.  Prominent collectors like the Rockefellers had great interest to part with their money to acquire them.  John D. Rockefeller Jr. is quoted in a letter to his father as saying, "A fondness for these Porcelains is my only hobby...and I have become very fond of them...The money put into these Porcelains is not lost or squandered."  


The purpose of the letter was to ask dad for $1M to buy pieces.  The equivalent in today's dollars is about $20M.   


As a result of such enthusiastic collectors, there are artefacts available and a lively -- although small -- market exists.  However, as the Americans and Canadians were late to come to the market, they have not had time to develop the depth of knowledge that exists in Asia and Europe. 


As well, the rambunctious nature of US-style capitalism seems to attract certain individuals who, in their enthusiasm to provide customers with what they want, don't spend required effort on aggravations like authentication.  Many buyers are defenceless against such renegades since collector associations are not as developed as they are in Asia and Europe.  People are less able to trade gossip about what the scallywags are up to.  Gladly, the online revolution might rectify this somewhat over time.  


The most important styles of Ceramics available in the US and Canada are Blue and White Porcelain (high-fired white Ceramics with cobalt blue decoration under a transparent glaze) and especially multi-coloured Porcelain of the Qing dynasty era.  Styles of earlier periods such as Sung dynasty are not commonly available in North America.  

The deficiencies described above are compounded by the fact that prices asked by reputable dealers and auction houses are relatively high.  




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